Picea Orientalis

Picea Orientalis is a pioneering string orchestra that blends Western and Eastern musical traditions. It combines Western structures, harmonies, and bow techniques with Middle Eastern and Balkan ornaments and improvisations to create a genre of music that has never existed before. Experience a unique fusion of musical cultures with Picea Orientalis.



Jiraan is a multi-faceted musical collective featuring musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. The ensemble brings together the common ground between musical traditions to create a unique intercultural sound that transcends conventions. Established in 2016 in Belgium, Jiraan has a debut album “Sirto.”


Damast Duo

With accordionist Jonas Malfliet, Damast duo brings together a wide repertoire of Arabic and European folk music and inspired originals.

In 2018 the duo recorded their first album Safar, a musical journey between Syria and Belgium.


MuSiKa: Musical audio guide

Shalan was commissioned by De Centrale and MSK (Museum of Fin Arts Gent), to write five compositions inspired by five masterpieces from the museum collection. This music was recorded and is now a permanent music guide in the museum, visitors can choose to follow the music tour and enjoy the artworks with music, accompanied by highlights and comments about the creating process in 6 languages.


Photo credit: Christophe Vander Eecken