Jiraan Ensemble

Supported by De Centrale, Shalan started Jiraan which includes musicians from different nationalities, who play together with one language: music! Together they represent what connects them: subtle melodies from East and West, swirling tunes and breathtaking improvisations.

MuSiKa: Musical audio guide

In partnership between De Centrale and MSK (Museum of Fin Arts Gent), Shalan Alhamwy and Ehsan Yadollahi compose music inspired by ten masterpieces of the collection of the museum.

The music will be recorded in 2018 into a CD as a musical audio guide of these works.

Musicians of different backgrounds and nationalities will be invited to take part in the recording sessions, melding the different styles together.

Ghent Folk Violin Project new CD


The Ghent Folk Violin Project started in 2012 and is an initiative of violinist/composer Wouter Vandenabeele.

GFVP mixes traditional melodies with new compositions where the violin plays the important role.
A mixture of Folk, Classical, World music and Jazz.

The new CD will be released in a series of concerts in Belgium:

11 February 2018: de Handelsbeurs Gent
23 February 2018: Muziekpublique Brussel
24 February 2018: Merode festival Leuven
11 Mars 2018: ‘t Ey, Belsele.

Da Capo: Von Damaskus nach Köln

wdr_integrationsgipfel_2016_-_1755_-_da_capo_-_von_damaskus_nach_koln-5225The WDR Radio Orchestra in Cologne, Germany invited 12 Syrian musicians who were members in the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra and fled due to the war in Syria to Europe, they were invited to play a concert as guests with the WDR orchestra under the title “da capo”, in symbolism of starting a new life. The concert took place in December 2016.
My composition “Two Images From Aleppo” was premiered in this concert.

“Hanin” Violet new CD

Violet orchestra was founded in 2002 and now has over 100 members.IMG_5045.JPG
Violinists, violists, cellists and double bassists rehearse every Sunday with their share orchestra.
The repertoire covers a wide range of classical music to traditional folk music from all over the world.
The conductors are Greet Verhulst, Aag Dereymaeker Geert Adriaenssens, Isabelle Robesyn and Jaap Kruithof.

This project has won the public prize of Gastvrij gemeente.

The new was released in two concerts on 5 & 7 May 2017. It contains some of my compositions and arrangements.

The benefits are going to support a project for refugee children. read more

Cover photo credit: Sophie Nuytten